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Don and Beverly Barnhart

Don and Bev met in a high school physics class and been married 40 years. They moved to Bend from Portland in 2012. Don is an ordained Methodist minister but has Lutheran roots and even named after a Lutheran pastor. Bev enjoys singing, folk dancing, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Don also enjoys winter sports as well as chess, classical music and quasi-gourmet cooking. Both help out with family kitchen and Bev sings in the Praise Band.

Jack and Sharon Cody

Jack-Sharon (2)Jack and Sharon moved to Bend in 2013. They designed and built a thermally efficient solar powered home that they share with its rightful owner, a rescued fluffy male feline named Ink Spot.  They have a grown son and daughter. Both enjoy skiing, swimming, biking, hiking, ballroom dancing and painting. Jack is affiliated with the Clan Craig of America and both sported tartans on St. Paddy’s day!

Lou and Mary Ann Giottonini

Giottonini (2)Lou and Mary Ann have been married 48 years and have four married daughters, six granddaughters and three grandsons. For the past 46 years they have lived in Gold Beach, Oregon and belonged to Bethany Lutheran. They spent a lot on time in Central Oregon before  moving here in 2012. Mary Ann is an avid quilter, enjoys cooking, gardening and hiking. Lou enjoys hiking, hunting and fishing. They both enjoy traveling.

Gary and Krista Winchell

Krista and Gary have three daughters – Amanda, Emily and Georgia – and, two dogs. They moved to Bend in 2005 from Roseburg. They all enjoy skiing, bicycling, hiking and reading.

Orv and Joyce Mosbo
Barbara Williams

Barbara is a transplant from California and has been in Bend nine years. She enjoys reading, walking, exercising, zumba and cooking and,  is planning on taking golf lessons.

Joan Linn
Kyrie Murphy

Kyrie has two sons and one granddaughter. She has lived in Bend several times and returned in 2000. She  enjoys her garden and cooking from it, working on book sales with the Bend Library, walking and just enjoying people. Of special interest is her exploring religious writings.

Janet Lovitt

me (2)Janet moved to Bend from Redding, CA in 2011. She enjoys cooking, baking, gardening, sewing, reading, learning, hiking, politics and seeing new places. Janet is a part time bookkeeper. She enjoys kids, dogs and entertaining.

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