Our Church

Group Activities

Together in Christ (T.I.C.)

Time: Every other Friday of each month (See calendar for dates) at 5:45 pm
Contact: Christine Jacobsen gracefirstfamilies@gmail.com

Welcome families to Together in Christ! Together in Christ (TIC) is a family-friendly study and fellowship group. TIC meets twice a month during the school year. The meeting starts off with a pot-luck dinner and then an adult Bible study. Various topics are decided by the group and will be studied throughout the year. Past topics have included prayer, discipleship, The Apostles’ Creed, the history of the Bible, and the Christmas Story. Children are always welcome and a baby-sitter is on site.

This is an excellent and joyous opportunity to engage in church as a family outside of Sunday services.

Mah Jongg

Time: Mondays at 9:30 am to 11:30 am
Contact: Felicia Gorman at FeliciaJGorman@gmail.com

Mah Jongg is a game of skill, strategy and luck!  It is a game typically played in the back streets in the orient. In 1937 a small group of women formed the National Mah Jongg League to promote the game and to make some changes to the game to adapt it to American play. It has grown from just a few players to over 500,000 in the United States.  The Mah Jongg League serves as the standard in teaching, tournaments and social play.


Altar Guild

Contact: Diane Wirth at 541-383-5861 or email dwirth@msn.com

Altar Guild is responsible for caring for the altar, the candles and providing the flowers. Altar Guild also provides and prepares for the communion service. None of this involves a lot of time. They meet once a month.  Contact Diane Wirth at 541-383-5861 or email at dwirth@msn.com.


Contact: Carolyn Clontz at 541-610-4631 or email carolynclontz14@gmail.com

Lectors read the two Bible passages chosen by the ELCA for each week. Passages are sent out the week before the service so you can practice.

Ushers & Greeters

Contact: Dick Gorman at rlgorman@gmail.com

At Grace First Lutheran, the role of a church usher/greeter is to help first time guests, repeat visitors, and members experience the joy of the worship service and create a  great hospitality experience that the first time church visitor or long term member will have on a given Sunday. Ushers/greeters, in addition to welcoming people also help with seating guests and members and assist with the orderly flow during the communion portion. Schedules are made quarterly based on availability of each usher/greeter. 

Worship & Choir

Contact: Lynn Heilman (church administrative assistant) at churchsecretary@bendbroadband.com or at 541-382-6862

Praise Band

Contact: Glenn Topliff at glenninbend@yahoo.com

Visual Worship

Contact: Diane Wirth at dwirth@msn.com

The Visual Arts Worship Committee provides the visual component of worship, enhancing the worship experience with banners and decorations that symbolize the church’s seasons. Our major focus has been making banners for the sanctuary. No particular skills are necessary but creative ideas are welcomed and we work as a team in putting those ideas together…and have fun in the process. We would welcome more members.

Social Concerns

Time: 3rd Wednesday of each month
Contact: Thomas Francois thomasefrancois@gmail.com

The Social Concerns Committee helps coordinate and publicize  the Congregation’s outreach activities in the local, national and international communities.  It meets monthly to consider new opportunities for involvement in a variety of issues and activities, sponsored by the ELCA or otherwise, and works to make sure the Congregation is aware of effective ways to spread the principles of equity, fellowship and stewardship to the outside world.


Time:The first Monday of each month at 11:30 am in the Church Library.
Contact: Susie Stevens is the contact and email address is susiestevens.bend@gmail.com

Please join us if you enjoy hospitality efforts, enjoy being part of a fun group and would like to help in our welcoming efforts for visitors and new members. This committee develops and maintains a program of evangelism and growth for members as well as visitors. This includes coordinating new member classes, providing hospitality efforts and programs as well as coordinating any publicity and advertising for Grace First Lutheran Church.


Time: Once bi-monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the month
Contact: Barbara Novelli at lbnovelli@bendbroadband.com

The Education Team helps to plan and monitor our Children’s Ministry Program for the year.   

Parish Nurse

Time: Once a month except summer
Contact: Dana Topliff at 541-977-4050

Welcome to the Parish Nurse Health Team.  This is a team with an R.N. as the facilitator with all other members not having to be any type of medical professional.  Our group’s purpose is to be a resource for all regarding body, mind, and spiritual health.  The Parish Nurse can help anyone who needs information about their health care and the team assists with events, clinics, screenings etc.  The Parish Nurse is not hands on nursing.  It is providing education and resources so all may obtain the care they need.  Activities we have done include:

Blood Pressure Check* Flu Clinics*CPR Training*Health Fair*Care bags for the homeless*Nutrition Education classes* Barn Dances*Forestry walks* Geology walks*Collaborate with Caring Ministries*Send Cards out to those who have lost a loved one* Provide Care notes for wellness education.


Contact: Lynn Heilman (church administrative assistant) at churchsecretary@bendbroadband.com or at 541-382–6862

Secures the volunteer commitments of the members in the form of time, talent and treasures. The month of October is considered Stewardship month. This committee works closely with Finance and Shepherding. Each year a theme for stewardship is established with emphasis on education of the members of GFLC. Typically this is aligned with ELCA stewardship programs. 


Time: Third Monday of the month
Contact: Lynn Heilman (church administrative assistant) at churchsecretary@bendbroadband.com or at 541-382-6862

The Congregational Council shall have the general oversight of the life and activities of this congregation, and in particular its worship life, to the end that everything be done in accordance with the Word of God and the faith and practice of the ELCA.  The Council consists of elected members of the congregation and serve terms ranging from 1 year to 3 years.

Property Management & Rental

Contact: Lynn Heilman (church administrative assistant) at churchsecretary@bendbroadband.com or at 541-382-6862 or Eileen Bailey at jmembailey@hotmail.com

We rely heavily on volunteers when we rent our facility.  If you are interested in hosting events at our church, which would include opening the church, monitoring the event, and closing the church, we welcome all the help.  We will train you and all we ask is that you have a heart for hospitality.  We are the face of the church and want our renters to have the best experience.

White & Green Team

Contact for White Team:Donald Barnhart, email revorbev@bendbroadband.com or at 541-639-8215.

Contact for Green Team: Lynn Heilman (church administrative assistant) at churchsecretary@bendbroadband.com or at 541-382-6862

Green and White teams are responsible for keeping the grounds of our church attractive and safe. In winter, that means snow removal from church and perimeter sidewalks, and parking lot as needed.   

When there’s no snow, the green team rakes, pulls weeds, prunes bushes and trees, mows the lawn areas, mulches the flower beds and maintains the sprinkler system.