High School

Grace First Lutheran Youth Group, G FLY, meets almost every Wednesday evening during the school year geneally from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The usual format for students in 8th through 12th grades is “grazing” (food), grace (a word from God) and games in the youth room. But don’t miss the “unusual” events and activities, too. For more details about weekly youth group plans, send your contact information to  G FLY using the Contact Us web form. Grace First Lutheran Youth show up in fun and challenging situations:

Playing a game of human Clue
Babysitting for the TIC Bible study group
Giving the message at an Advent or Lent service
Winter camping and growing in faith at Suttle Lake
Hosting a St. Patrick’s Day dinner
Collecting food for Neighbor Impact
Putting on an annual car wash and rummage sale to raise funds for our mission trips
Assisting at Vacation Bible School
Having a scavenger hunt in NW Crossing
Playing Capture the Flag at Compass Park
Having a “Schools Out” Lock-in featuring Ashley’s creative relay races
Serving other communities on YouthWorks mission trips
Mentoring the children of families attending Creation Vacation at Suttle Lake
Participating in pie eating contests at Oktoberfest
Hosting a congregational birthday party on All Saints Sunday
Selling Christmas gift boxes to raise funds to stock the pantry at Bethlehem Inn

Youth Group Winter Retreat At Suttle Lake

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