Our Facility

The colors are so quieting when one is troubled and the loftiness of the ceiling makes one think of heaven. The facility serves us well. However, it will be nice to have our own planned sanctuary too someday.

The formal sanctuary I miss.

We have a wonderful lovely facility, as far as it is completed. We are a faith and grace based church, so perhaps the congregation needs to “rev up” its prayerful efforts toward the completion of our facility to serve the needs of our current members as well as those who will continue to come. Consider the following thoughts:

  1. Proverbs 29:18 “where there is no vision, the people shall perish.
  2. Ezra 6:13-15 “completion of the temple.
  3. The theme in the movie “Field of Dreams”.
  4. Prayerful support for the OSU-Cascades vision for planning and building a separate university to serve 5-6000 students.
  5. Perhaps the leadership of the church could put together a study guide for prayer for completing our facility.

~ Dick and Donna Meddish

I do enjoy a “sermon” and a message to get me through the week. I enjoy your humorous way.
Spacious and calming – Light and colors.
Airy, welcoming, busy.
I’m glad we have one service and a great fellowship time after. We are blessed with a beautiful church.
I think the choir should be re-positioned to sit at the “front” of the church, to the right of the pulpit. This would greatly improve the acoustics. Presently, their voices and singing are lost in the side hall of the church.
Beautiful – adequate for our present needs.
The Facility – one word, BEAUTIFUL
We need a sign for the church to let others know we are here
We need an identification sign out-front
Loved GFLC Praise Band. Would love to hear them more! Maybe every other Sunday.
…To worship God in Beauty and Holiness
Our facility is new, cozy, functional and adequate considering our current financial status. Sure, I would like to have a new sanctuary and respite center, but until we have the $$, it won’t be a reality. Pray for some large financial gifts to GFLC.
OUR 2nd HOME!! 🙂
Satisfactory but anxious for Sanctuary!
Someone has to win the Lottery?? (For the new Sanctuary!)
While the facility isn’t the “Church”, our building certainly feels “Spirit Filled”. Its design, as you come through the front doors, is evocative of European Cathedrals with their soaring ceilings, but it also gives the feeling of the Lodge of the Northwest. The shape of the cross in the floor plan is very significant and meaningful. We also use what we have in a very resourceful way and we’re thankful for what he Lord has made possible.
(Our landscaping though is a bit of a mess!)

  • Set aside one specific day of the week for each member to spend 10 minutes in prayer (talking to God) about the completion of our facility.
  • Have a committee draw up a study guide or list of Bible and other citations to study in our unified prayer for the completion of our facility.
  • Provide a written history of our new facility and how we are progressing towards our goal. With so many new members, there is a need for information and education.

~ Dick and Donna Meddish