Our Pastor

Our pastor is humility
Friendly and a good pastor.
I enjoy his sermons.
Just right for our congregation.
Extreme thoughtfulness, helpful and kind during time of crisis. Wish he had more time for home visits.
Wise, kind, giving
Great – just what we would expect from an old Norske from “up Nort”
Kind, caring and thoughtful. A real blessing.
Pastor Joel is the most awesome pastor I have ever met. He has been there for our family through thick and thin. We are so thankful for him.
Love him. What a blessing.
Pastor Joel is very caring, comforting and very accepting of everyone. Such a joy to have as our leader.
I love church and the pastor ++++++
Humble. Faith filled. A shepherd to our congregation.
Great! Just right for our congregation.
Down to earth, humorous and caring.
Caring, genuine, friendly, thought provoking sermons, hard working, fun, inspiring, great with kids, a leader, empathetic.
Our pastor is a warm person – necessary for welcoming old and new. He does his ministry well. I especially appreciate his emails of sad and happy events in our congregation and the caring he shows toward all at his congregants.
I love his corny sense of humor and the special way he connects with the children.
A real shepherd – wise, caring, loving, humble and so down to earth.
Brings me close to God. Gives me strength to be a better mom, wife, friend and daughter.
Great wit and humor
Inspiring. Love that there is no pressure.
I love seeing all the children surround the pastor for the children message.
It has been to watch our pastor “grow” (since I am old). Can’t believe he’s a grandpa. He is supportive, kind and much loved by me and my family. I think he’s doing a wonderful job.
Spiritual guide for mortal soul
We think the pastor does a wonderful job of preaching the gospel.
Thru him I hear the gospel! Plus he is fun.
I am not a member of Grace First Lutheran. However Pastor Joel makes me feel welcomed and a part of the Grace First Lutheran family. He is kind, compassionate and most of all non-judging. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this church.
Very aware and interested in the congregation. Excellent sermons. Just a great person.
One synonym for pastor is shepherd. When we think of a shepherd we think of caring combined with strength and gentleness. A shepherd feeds his flock, as a pastor feeds his congregation spiritually. One of Pastor Joel’s greatest skills is the caring and love he demonstrates in his “bedside manner”, as in hospital visits.
I love church and the pastor.
Exudes warmth.
Caring, pleasant, compassionate.
Welcoming, caring, warm, funny
Welcoming, sense of humor, realistic about our world and how our faith can grow in our changing world
He has been very caring and encouraging during a very lengthy illness.
Welcoming, nourishing, humor with purpose, strengthening for our work in the world, sharing of God’s heart, “family”
Thank goodness for Pastor Joel. Even though his sermons are a little long, the message is usually good, delivered with compassion and down-to-earth folksy humor! Hang in there, Pastor. We love you!
He has blossomed!
Our pastor is a good man and a good minister and friendly to all people. Pastor Joel is humble, authentic, and approachable which attracts children and adults.
A striking figure. The Best
You are good for the kids and the church. Open minded and loving.
He’s Great!!
Such a welcoming church – plus you’re such a great Pastor.
Pastor Joel is a dedicated Lutheran with high qualifications with this church. He needs more support from “Us”. ~ Fred Meyer
FIRSTLY is Holy Communion and SECONDLY (and still is) is that the Pastor has to be the real thing and genuine to boot – his sermons had to make sense and he had not to sound like a used-car salesman. I had to be sure he was a Believer and that we had synchronicity
I feel grateful to have a pastor with a sense of humor and who can see the world with that “light.” A fellow member once said that Pastor Joel “speaks the gospel” and I think that is a gift. I can’t hear you!