Our Programs

A variety of programs that covers all ages is vital in order for a church to reach out to its members and to attract new members. Grace first Lutheran does a good job!! We appreciate the outreach to members who are more or less homebound. NOTE: It will be nice to reinstate the Layette Program as we can.
~ Dick and Donna Meddish
I find working at Family Kitchen every third Thursday very rewarding. I enjoy the Men’s Bible Study (when I go) but do feel that the group should take the summer off – like the women’s Bible Study. I think that in general all the programs in our church are very worthwhile and well developed and meaningful.
The Programs are very adequate. The Church tries to cover an interest for everyone. The leaders are dedicated!! Awesome!!
I think we are seeing that programs don’t result in faithful people. Faithful people serving the Lord result in strong programs. We are individually responsible for being faithful servants to God. No Excuses! And then we are blessed!
Many opportunities, but not always clearly communicated as how to become involved.
I don’t hear much about women’s programs, circles?
Very Good VBS. Good Bible Study on Mondays, Great Youth, Choir, Parish Nursing, Good Shepherding. Would like to see more outing for Sunday School children. Would like to have more potlucks.
I’ve doubled my giving this year. Please remind parishioners that we need their “continued” Support.
~ Fred Meyer
Lots of Opportunities.
We have wonderful Programs, but most are for us. How about more for neighbors in the area?
Our programs not only accomplish so much, but they build friendships and a strong “Church Community”.
Parish nursing is a good program. The diversity of programs offered has something for everyone.