Support & Fellowship

We have always felt that GFL emphasizes support and fellowship. As long as we do this and involve as many members as we can in these two areas, we are on the right track!
The kindness and friendship lifts my sprits! Thank you!
Whatever is needed in terms of friendship and support of any kind – IT’S HERE! I always feel that Pastor Joel and the Congregation are there for me and my family when I need them.
When our Friday night bible study got together to make many dinners for Tim and baby Grace, it was a blessing to feel we were able to help in any small way.
I received so much support from Pastor Joel in times of illness, and I know that the prayers of the congregation worked a miracle for me.
Women’s tea – excellent, fun and rewarding. Acknowledging for things done and thank you.
The support that the GFL community gives to people during difficult times – sickness, death of a spouse or family member, etc. – is tremendous. The fellowship after the Sunday service is a great way to meet and talk to new people. It’s a shame that so many choose not to participate. Oktoberfest is just plain and simple – a GREAT event.