The People

“The people of this Church are generous, open minded and passionate. I enjoy surrounding myself amongst them Sunday. They make our Church complete.”
“Everyone is FRIENDLY, That’s GOOD!”
“Recognize God’s blessings and give from the abundance received – Measure your treasures with your heart and faith”
“Welcoming, loving, compassionate”
“The place where you go and they have to take you in. (From Robert Frost)…and they do!”
“The people @ GFLC are Both traditional and willing to embrace change and updates”
“Like Family”
“Caring! It would be good to involve new members in sharing their talents!”
“Awesome and Generous”
“People are very warm and welcoming. Would like to see more stay for Coffee Hour!”
“Caring, generous, thoughtful, helpful, loving – are just a few of the adjectives that describe the people of GFL.”
“Friendly.” “Friendly, welcoming, happy.” “Welcoming, interested, friendly”
“I love the diversity of ages here at Grace First. All ages respect and enjoy each other.”
“Our extended family!”
“The people at this Church mean love and God’s family to me.”
“Our vision statement says it all. For me the gathering of all ages means so much. Incorporating the children into each Service is so important!”
“Believe on this Lord Jesus.”
“I am the transparency God shines thru
He and I are one, not two
He wants me where and as I am
I need not worry, fret or plan
All I need is to relax and be free
And let God work his plan thru me.”
“We all come from “somewhere, get recycled from that “somewhere’ and are constantly connected to that “somewhere” via everything, everyone; everywhere. We are Energy needing energy – We are within bodies; mobile till immobility, Birth till divinity. A circle of evolution until Revelation.”
“Happiness keeps you Sweet
Trials keep you Strong
Sorrows keep you Human
Failures keep you Humble
Success keeps you Glowing
But, only GOD keeps you Going.”
“It has been a joy to watch us change from a congregation being intentional about being friendly and welcoming to becoming a congregation that simply is friendly and welcoming. We are genuine and the people respond to our authenticity.”
“Refreshing” Enjoy Joel, his humor and sermons. The church is very welcoming.”