In the past as a part of the Stewardship program, members have had an opportunity to select  ministries or committees in which to be involved. The 2014 Stewardship Program is kicking off    OPPORTUNITIES   so that you can help or join throughout the year.

Should a committee need special help, this is the place to look. It will be a posting much like a help wanted ad but is really means “come join us”.  A contact name will be included so that if you are intested in helping in some way, you should contact that individual directly. A good example would be the spring clean-up of the church grounds. When this will be taking place will be posted and you can come and help. If your committee or ministry needs some help, please email Louann at louann@bendbroadband.com and your request will be posted here.

Coming soon!  The Opportunity Notebook that will list ways one can become involved at Grace First!  So, members will be either able to look at the notebook or check the web site!

Stewardship Committee

Additional members are wanted to join this dynamic ministry. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30 in the church library. We need creative people that are willing to get involved in all the happenings at GFLC. For more information contact:  Larry Reeck at: reecks@bendbroadband.com

 Endowment Committee

Looking for those interested to become a part of the Endowment Committee.  This committee will be working closely with the ELCA Synod and utilizing their resources to educate and assist members with estate planning. Experience in financials, financial planning and talking to small groups would be helpful. Please contact Louann Thomas at:  louann@bendbroadband.com.

Family Kitchen

Kerri, Sue, Felicia and Carolyn dishing the main entre and saladGrace First Lutheran is responsible for volunteers to buy, cook and serve food for an average of 150 homeless folks on the third Thursday of every month.  Kerri Martin and Roni Bjorvik have been the primary coordinators of this activity and are currently looking for others to replace them in their current capacity.  They will continue to help as volunteers. If you are interested in this position please contact Roni at vbjorvik@bendcable.com.

Immediate Openings for Usher/Greeters

We are looking for people to join the Usher/Greeter team at Grace First Lutheran.  Single people, couples or entire families are welcome.  This is a great way to meet people at our church PLUS it is not a big time commitment.  Usher/Greeters are scheduled quarterly and can always change with others on the team if something comes up that would prevent you from Ushering/Greeting on the day you were scheduled.  Scheduling is strictly based on team members’ availability.  If you are interested in joining our team or would like more information, please email Dick Gorman, RLGorman@gmail.com or call at 541-350-5577.  ✓ us out! An added plus — NO meetings to attend.