Prayer Shawls

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The Prayer Shawl ministry started in 2005 with twelve ladies purchasing yarns and creating prayer shawls using a specific pattern. This pattern represents tri-fold prayers the knitters and crochetters weave into their creations. These are the prayers of:

     the Father – compassion, comfort and caring

     the Son – healing, peace and strength

     the Holy Spirit – renewal, direction, compassion

Since the inception of this ministry, over 200 prayer shawls have been given to people in difficult situations such as illness, loss, grief, anxiety or stress. Most the shawls have found a home in Bend but we know some are in Minnesota, New York, Californa, Arizona, other parts of Oregon, Hawaii,  and beyond.


fun pictures GFLCRecently these talented ladies have begun to knit booties for the Neo-Natal Unit at St. Charles Medical Center. Some of the booties are so tiny but they fit and warm the feet of the very tiny newborns who also will feel God’s love and caring. Some ladies are now also knitting caps for the tiny newborns.

Pastor Joel blesses each shawl, bootie and cap and in most cases, personally delivers them. If you know of someone who would be comforted by a prayer shawl, contact Paula Johnson at: