Santa Marta

Santa Marta Feast was held January 12th following the Sunday Service.  

Rancho Santa Marta is a non-denominational Evangelical Christian Ministry for needy Mexican children. It is located on a 450 acre working ranch, about 66 miles south of Ensenada, in Baja California.

  • Their ministry offers a home for abandoned children, a school for mentally challenged children, a boarding facility for children that attend the school and come from near-by communities and a summer trade school that offers vocational training.
  • Outreach and community service programs: Sunday church services for the children, staff, community and visitors, evangelism trips to Baja villages and the interior of Mexico and internationally India and Romania.
  • Housing is provided for older young people that continue their education in high school and college. They live in the city of Ensenada sixty-six miles north of the ranch.Our Sunday School decided to help with one project which has grown into a yearly fundraiser.

Our Sunday School decided to help with one project which has grown into a yearly fundraiser.

It’s time for Santa Marta! our annual fundraiser brunch for the Rancho Santa Marta orphanage in San Vicente, Mexico was held January 12th and $1000 was raised to help them buy heating stoves. This is a great opportunity for the kids to have a hands-on experience working on a project to serve others in a tangible way. Last year we raised nearly $1,700 and this year we hope to do even better!We will be setting up on Saturday afternoon from 4-5 pm. We would appreciate it if parents (especially those with younger kids) could stay and help as well – many hands make light work!Sunday morning during the worship service the kids will sing the song we have been practicing “Yo Tengo Un Amigo” (it’s on your CD too if they need a refresher) and then they will leave at the regular Sunday school time to get ready for their jobs helping serve and clean up the brunch, which will start right after the church service is over.We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. Please let me know if you have any questions.