Parish Nurse

A parish nurse will be available on the first Sunday of each month to test your blood pressure. This will usually be done in the Nurse’s Office.

Parish Nurse Wellness Tip for August 2017


Hard to believe it is August already and Fall is just around the corner! One focus for the month of August is healthy aging. I believe, we all want to age gracefully and enjoy our senior years. If we can stay active and healthy, we truly can enjoy our senior years. Go to the link below and learn more about healthy aging. See you in September! aging/basics/healthy-aging- over-50/hlv- 20049407

Your Parish Nurse
Dana Topliff MPA, BSN, RN



 Geology Hike

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One sunny afternoon in September the Parish Nurse Program organized a geology hike which was enjoyed by those of all ages!  Watch the announcement page in the Sunday bulletin for more hikes.

Geology Walk
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