Parish Nurse

Time: The Parish Nurse Health Ministry Team meets once a month all months except summer.
Contact: Dana Topliff at 541-977-4050

Welcome to the Parish Nurse Health Ministry Team. This is a team with an R.N. as the facilitator with all other members not having to be any type of medical professional. Our groups’ purpose is to be a resource for all regarding body, mind, and spiritual health. The Parish Nurse can help anyone who needs information about their health care and the team assists with events, clinics, screenings etc. Parish nursing is not hands on nursing. It is providing education and resources so all may obtain the care they need.

Activities we have done include:
-Blood pressure screening once a month or as requested
-Flu clinics each Fall
-CPR training
-Health Fair
-Making care bags for the homeless
-Nutrition education classes
-Barn Dances
-Geology walks
-Forestry walks
-Wellness Tips for website each month
-Monitor AED and First Aid kits
-Pay for nursery employees
-Collaborate with the Caring Ministries
-Send Cards out once a year to those who have lost a loved one
-Provide Care Notes for wellness education

A parish nurse will be available on the first Sunday of each month to test your blood pressure. This will usually be done in the Nurse’s Office.


Parish Nurse Wellness Tip for May 2018


May is American Stroke Awareness Month and I want everyone to be aware of the signs and symptoms of stroke. According to the Centers for Disease Control

and Prevention (CDC), stroke is the fourth-leading cause of death in the United States. There are different types of stroke that you should be
aware of and know the signs and symptoms as to when you need to obtain help.

Go to the link below to learn more about stroke; signs and symptoms as well as risk factors and what you can do now to prevent a stroke.
Have a great May! causes/syc-20350113


Your Parish Nurse
Dana Topliff MPA, BSN, RN



 Geology Hike

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One sunny afternoon in September the Parish Nurse Program organized a geology hike which was enjoyed by those of all ages!  Watch the announcement page in the Sunday bulletin for more hikes.

Geology Walk
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