Parish Nurse

A parish nurse will be available on the first Sunday of each month to test your blood pressure. This will usually be done in the Nurse’s Office.

Parish Nurse Wellness Tip for June 2017


June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness month. There are thousands of people who have some type of dementia. This affects the person and their families. It is not part of the normal aging process, but is more common in people 65 years and older. To learn more about this disease and how to prevent or help someone who has this disease go to the link below. Have a great June!
Your Parish Nurse
Dana Topliff MPA, BSN, RN



 Geology Hike

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One sunny afternoon in September the Parish Nurse Program organized a geology hike which was enjoyed by those of all ages!  Watch the announcement page in the Sunday bulletin for more hikes.

Geology Walk
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